All mobile services performed are solely for the purpose of relaxation, stress relief, and to provide beauty services.


The provided mobile services are not to diagnose any illness, injury, or provide any relief to any injuries.

Our Aestheticians are focused on solely providing the best VMA service, leaving you pampered, relaxed, and happy with your service.


Should a client have any medical conditions, we advice them to bring forth these conditions to the aesthetician performing the service.

Victoria Mobile Aesthetics and their experienced staff, are not liable for any existing conditions, diseases, or illness not mentioned to any of our staff.


Victoria Mobile Aesthetics and their team will not be liable should there be any damage or stolen items, inside or outside, of the property during our visit.

We respect your property and space and can guarantee we would not be a part of any of these actions.


We take pride in the cleanliness of our equipment and especially our tools used on our clientele.

All implements are walks, wiped and then soaked with hospital grade disinfectant. Our tools are then put into a sealed sanitary bag.

Any indication of infection (i.e Fungus), your service provider has the right to reject the service.

The the event of infection, the client will be liable to pay 20% of the total cost upfront. 


Victoria Mobile Aesthetics does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour or aggression towards any of our staff.

Any of these actions will result in immediate termination of the service.

The client receiving the service will be liable for payment of 100% of the total services booked without completion of the services booked.